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Online Courses

  • 3in1 [Online]

    3in1 Course-এ যা যা থাকছে:

    ◘ 2 levels in Progressive Method (Elementary & Advanced Level)
    ◘ Full-Time Teacher Support (Online & On-Premises)
    ◘ 1 Year Membership
    ◘ Problem Solving Classes
    ◘ Total : 30…

    ৳ 4,000 Buy Now
  • IELTS Preparation [Online]

    Level 1 (Foundation level): এখানে থাকছে IELTS এর জন্য অপরিহার্য Paraphrasing, Skimming, Scanning, Sentence making & Sentence Breaking and Combining | (Total- 6 Classes)
    Level 2 (Speaking Module…

    ৳ 7,000 Buy Now

Offline Courses

  • 3in1 [Offline]

    3in1 Course-এ যা যা থাকছে:

    ◘ 2 levels in Progressive Method (Elementary & Advanced Level)
    ◘ Full-Time Teacher Support (Online & On-Premises)
    ◘ 1 Year Membership
    ◘ Problem Solving Classes
    ◘ Total : 30…

    ৳ 4,000 Buy Now
  • IELTS Preparation [Offline]

    Zoom Class
    1.5 hr/class
    30 Classes

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Learn the HACKS & Proven METHODS from Experts

    About us

    EnglishA2Z is a platform designed and developed keeping the students and freshers in Bangladesh in mind. We intend to engage individuals into something creative and progressive, subsequently accumulating skills required for personal development and career progression.

    We dream of the day when we, the proud people of Bangladesh, will be the manufacturers of the renowned corporate professionals and Bangladesh will be home to the top brands in the world. However, our extensive research and analysis concluded that the crucial hindrance for this generation to reach their desired destination is their deficiency of knowledge and professionalism in communication skills and English language.

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    Why EnglishA2Z?

    English A2Z is renowned for its quality of teaching and learning environment. With a decade of experience in teaching students of all ages, our teachers ensure that all its courses have been carefully designed to deliver the most effective and practical learning process. We offer carefully tailored courses for beginners and for those who want to top up their English skills and become an expert speaker. We also provide corporate clients with the English language skills that will help them compete more effectively in today’s fast-paced global economy.

    Our IELTS course stands on its own with the best trainers in the country, scoring high in the test, who can meet your score requirements with the best participative lessons and cutting edge tricks and techniques to make your exam easy and less stressful. Our mock test result comes 95% close to the real test outcome as the source materials are standard and test- difficulty reflective.

    At English A2Z, we understand that everyone has different goals so we offer a wide range of materials and lessons to meet every need. Whether you’re starting from scratch, need better language skills for work, or want to certify your language competence, we can help you achieve your goals.



    Our teachers have conducted 15,000+ classes in their respective fields


    For Learning English Language & IELTS Preparation in Bangladesh, we are the TRENDSETTERS.


    We believe in ``WE CARE`` Attitude.


    Only we offer the signature course with monthly updated materials and expert instructors.



    Mmr Musfiq

    Learning English is my great passion & cherished desire. But, there was no chance for me to go to any institution to learn it, as I have got a very busy job. Taking a leave for 2/3 months was not possible. One stage, I left my all hopes about learning English. But, suddenly when the lockdown started in this pandemic situation, I saw on Facebook that some teachers were offering online Spoken English Course. Without any delay, I started checking out & joined a webinar organised by Sabbir Sarkar bhaia! From the webinar, I felt interested to enroll myself for Spoken English Course. While I was doing this course under his guidance, I started feeling confidence in learning English. His techniques are mind-blowing! I was also improving day by day following his amazing methods to learn Spoken English! Now, I am quite comfortable in speaking English. Though, it’s not possible to be a fluent speaker within this short time, Sabbir bhaia has shown some magical hacks to follow & I am following those! I think It will help me a lot to improve my English!

    I would like to thank him from the core of my heart! He is the best teacher, best mentor, very caring & always gives his best efforts to his students with great patience. I am so much delighted to join his course.

    Finally, I will tell you that I am so much benefitted joining his course. Thanks & Gratitude to you, Sabbir bhaia.You always be blessed!

    Israfeel Masum

    Israfeel Masum

    Software Engineer

    I started the 3in1 Course for learning English, but I learnt the EnglishA2Z together with Mastering the Art of Presentation and Life Motivation.

    On top of that, Sabbir Sir, Saif Sir, Rashed Sir and staffs are very cooperative. EnglishA2Z is a magnificent academy with excellent teachers, classrooms, small groups of students, warm atmosphere and super friendly and helpful staff.

    Shahed Sharkar

    Shahed Sharkar


    It is a Centre for learning English based on international Standard.

    So I recommend, EnglishA2Z authority will focus on Customer Care more than other Institutions.

    Md N R Mahi

    Md N R Mahi


    Boby sir and Sabbir sir .. you two are amazing .. though I hardly managed to achieve band score 7, however, this score gave me good enough point (L7.5, R 6.5, W 6.5, S 7) for my PR application in Canada and last October I received my ITA. My Qudos and gratitude to both of u .. I would highly recommend EnglishA2Z.